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“Curator of unique culturally competent, interactive musical, literary & culinary experiences .”Who We Are:For organizations, groups, schools, churches and colleges who are looking for educational, interactive and fun cultural immersion experiences with focus on the continent of Africa for their employees, friends, students at home or a private venue of their choice, the Motherland Cultural Connections is a company that showcases unique, exciting hands-on culinary, musical and educational experiences that pair cooking classes or original African music with spoken word, art and real life stories from African artists virtually or in-person. Our vision is to bridge the cultural divide between Africans and the rest of the world, while empowering Africans immigrants to earn income, fully participate and contribute in growing the economy. We plan on doing this one experience at a time!We take you on an exciting journey to Africa through music, food, education and storytelling. We teach cultural competency through fun, hands-on and interactive culinary, musical and educational experiences. We strongly believe that we learn by doing and thus our hands-on/interactive approach to learning, celebrating our differences and finding commonality in our diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to bridge the cultural gaps that exist between immigrant communities and their communities of residence, through mutually beneficial partnerships and services. We are a platform for immigrants of Afro-heritage, engaging their skills & talents and to provide services that are culturally competent and useful to their communities and its organizations. We also aim to create a safe space for the community to come together through music, food, education to learn about each other, thereby destroying negatives stereotypes that hinder growth in the community.


1. It is a hands-on but relaxed experience. Plus, we are excited that you get to go home with the easy-to-follow recipes straight from our homes to yours.

2. We can travel to you.

3. Learn about Africa’s diversity and cultures.

4. Travel without ever leaving your home.

5. We offer a safe space to ask questions, immerse yourself in cultures different than yours.

6. It is fun and relaxing.

7. Cook in your kitchen and be as free as a bird. 

8. Increase your cultural intelligence.

9. Your kids will become world citizens and hone their cooking skills.

10. Reconnect with the Africa even before you get there.

11. Continue reconnection after visiting or tracing roots.