Top 5 Things To Do In Grand Rapids With Kids This Week

There is lots of fun happening in Grand Rapids the week of October 1st

October 2, 2023

Every week Macaroni KID Grand Rapids shares our picks for five things to do with your kids in Grand Rapids, MI over the coming week. 

Here are Macaroni KID publisher picks for the five things to do in Grand Rapids with kids this week. Click on the links for all the details!

1. Top pick Glow Garden & Tuesdays at the Farm

The Glow Garden is an enchanted walk through an illuminated forest, filled with hand-etched pumpkins by local artist Alynn Guerra. 10/3

2. Top pick Corn Maze at Robinette's

The 2023 maze design is A-maze-ing Bees: Get Lost in the Buzz About our Buzzing Friends! Now through Oct.

3. Top pick Play and Learn GRCC

Play with your children, you’ll get great ideas of things you can do to prepare them for success.

4. Top pick Fall at the Farm

They have everything in Fall Fun Land! From tractors, corn mazes, playgrounds, farm animals, and live music!

5. Top pick Family Night at GRCM

The museum is open late and welcomes the community to play. 

Looking for more fun in Grand Rapid, MI? 

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